If you're a cop you have to tell me, okay, I mean, I'm not doing anything weird, but, it sure is weird of YOU to be snooping around my pages for information on me like this, so, be straight with me, are you a narc? You HAVE to tell me if you are

About (You are here)


Vile, self-taught, cartoonist, drawer, painter, musician, game developer, and a lot of other shit that's redundant to write instead of just saying that I do a lot of different things depending on what tickles my brain at a given point in time.

My art philosophy is heavily centered on being "weird" in terms of not caring about modern stylistic standards and trending sensibilities/capitalist algoptimization/unexceptional repetitive drama/so on in the world of art because that's a more fulfilling experience to me. Experimental creation and allowing myself to do and explore whatever keeps the warlocks from invading my brain and inoculating me into their thrall.

If you want to work with me on something contact me through direct messaging on twitter or tumblr or email me at its3oe@gmail.com. I would love to draw for your album cover.

P.S.: Always remember to have fun